[Wapgidi story] Just a Friend – Chapter one

Chapter one

It was one summer morning when Mrs. Theresa Ashton received a call from her friend abroad, she seemed all excited, unlike her usual mood swings that scared everyone off. She was a very classy lady, fair complexion with dark short-styled hair. Theresa was surrounded by nothing but elegance.
With much enthusiasm, she followed her children in the garden to give them the good news “Chris! Carolyn darling, may I have a moment?” She runs towards the two siblings who were in the middle of a conversation.
Carolyn, the younger, pouted; as if she knew that whatever her mother had to say, was never going to be pleasant. Although she inherited her mother’s beauty, she was absolutely the opposite of her. The idea of being a noble-mannered lady portrayed as exhaustion, she was a rebel.

“There comes the queen, I think I’m calling a rain check soon!” She whispered to her brother and they both tried to make a smile.
“We’re here mom, what is it?” Chris responded lovingly, before exchanging a knowing glance with Caro.
“Okay my children, guess what… ” She paused, “Do you remember Abigail? Abbie? My friend Julia’s daughter? We met them on your tenth birthday Christian”
After a long thinking, Chris nodded, “Um… well… I was only ten mother, right?… okay let’s say I remember her, So?”
Caro jumped abruptly, “Okay everyone! Since I don’t know any Ebbie or whatever I–” she gathered her stuffs but Theresa cut her short.
“Abbie! It’s Abbie sweetheart! And where do you think you’re going Carolyn!”


“Fine, Abbie! I don’t know her–so I don’t think you need me here. I’ll go make myself useful somewhere else.
Kisses bro, love you mom!” She let out a crooked smile and left.
“Oh this girl! I think there must’ve been a mistake at the hospital. They could’ve switched or swapped her with another child, I can’t believe she’s actually my daughter with–” she stood halfway as her eyes rested on her son who was laughing heartily. “My Darling son, only you understands me!” She pat his palm.

“Alright mom, you were saying?” Chris snapped.
“Oh Abbie! Well, the girl is coming tomorrow. She’s admitted to your college and I was thinking of letting her stay here for few days. Would you be kind enough to pick her at the airport dear?” They continued the conversation and in the end Chris agreed.
MEANWHILE. Sarah, the cook at the Ashton residence was on the phone with her daughter, Hanna who was supposed to arrive on the next day ready to start her studies in the same college on the coming week.
“God help me with this child of mine. I don’t know how she managed to finish high school!” She was murmuring to herself when Herman, the gardener entered the kitchen.
“What’s wrong Sarah. Trouble with the soup?”
“I wish the recipe was my only trouble in this world. It’s Hanna, She’ll be here tomorrow instead of today. To think that I only had a permission for today. Oh whatever. She’ll have to find her way here.” She said in frustration.
“Is that all? Hey relax woman, I can give you a hand. I’ll go pick her up if you’re that worried!”
“Really? Oh Herman, I’ll be very grateful. Hanna is such a troublemaker that’s why I’m afraid to let her wander the city alone.” At last it was decided. The night went by and the new day began.

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